Fresh Lemons vs. Lemon Essential Oil…???

Is there a diffrence? Nope!! Young Living Essential Oils are the truth. These are THE ONLY oils I use. They are 100% pure!! No additives at all. They give you the essence of just whatever root/fruit you ask for. They are therapeutic grade oils.  It takes approximately 75 lemons to make one bottle. Needless to say a few drops go a long way. 😎

 My family prefer I use the Young Living Lemon oil  over fresh ones!! Real talk… Try the Lemon Vitality sometime in your marinades, teas, salad dressings …and the list goes on!! DELICIOUSNESS! (You will write me and tell me about

I love essential oils!! Theres literally  an oil for everything. Lol I am enjoying our wellness home takeover. Theres enough gunk in the atmosphere, and I have the choice on how I filter the air in my home. And so do you! If you are at anytime intrested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, dont hesitate to contact me. There will be plenty more Oily posts, maybe even some giveaways!! 

Feel free to shop through the link provided. Contact me for any questions.

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