Affirmation Friday!!

 Good Morning!! 🌞 It is Affirmation Friday!! Yesssss. Who else better to give ourselves a rich and conditioning message at the top of the day, but ourselves right?? Lol. Let’s do it!

Words are powerful! Thats why we should always remain mindful in how we speak to ourselves and each other.  Guess what?? Yesterday’s mistakes, heartache, confusion..etc., was yesterdays. The sun is shining NEW, so that signifies for us to refresh our minds, and start a new page with THIS day. You can overcome whatever os in your path. All it takes is a shift in thought. MESSAGE!

 (Taken from a parody done by the Wayans brothers…it didn’t matter how funny they made the situation…when they were droppin knowledge, they yelled “Message!”)

Feel free to use our Affirmation of the day, share it, repeat it to yourself when you start to feel down, doubt, hopelessness, fear, or any other anxieties that manifests that throws your energy into an all around “funk”. Every second is a Blessing. You have NO reason to fear anything. Fear is the scapegoat of many things, and the blocker of all. Join me as I say, ” Not Today!”. 😁

Please, share your Affirmation in the comments….somebody may need to hear it. God Bless…💖

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