Vibe Clinic Wednesdays💜

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Welcome back to yet ANOTHA layer of Textured Awakenings diversity! Lol.

This past summer, I started a podcast, The Vibe Clinic. A place to virtually chill in a positive, ‘get ya mind right’ type environment, judgement free. Lol.  I am going to start season 2 soon!!🔥🔥💜💜🙏

I welcome you to listen..vibe out with us😁.  This episode is,  Carpe Diem. I invited a friend Marques in and he shares some  DOPE poetry…and we share encouraging tips/techniques to aide in just that, Seize the Day!

The Vibe Clinic is now available for download on Itunes..

🎤check ..check..check it out✌

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