A Meaningful Gift…

Essential Oils CeeCee? Yesssss!!

Not just any oil, Young Living Essential Oils!! They are 100% pure from the bare essence of the plant. This benefit enables these Grade A oils to maintain their therapeutic values, which benefit us in many ways. Young Living currently sets the Standard with their distilling process ‘Seed to Seal‘. This process authenticates the oils purity from seed, to bottle, to you.

Did You Know…there’s only a mandate of 5% actual essential oil in the bottle to be labeled pure???? 😕Umm Hmm..thats what I said.. (These are found in MOST of our local stores…check labels)

How to use them you ask👂?

  • Aromatically👃♨
  • Internally☕,💊,🍛
  • Topically😍🙏

I use all 3! Lol. I love applying a dab of Frankincense while meditating, or diffusing Lavender to relax while in one of my writing sessions. I am HUGE on positive energy, and theres nothing like diffusing Young Living Essential Oils to enhance my homes atmosphere with Purpose.  Spoiler Alert!! A drop of Vitality Lemon oil in your water, tea, or even marinades???? Can we say AMAZING!!!! 💚

These oils not only support all bodily systems, but they empower you to customize your environment to benefit the overall wellness of your family, and home. Theres so many chemicals in EVERYTHING we use! (Lotions, purfumes, toothpaste, household cleaning, aerosol sprays)   Why introduce all of that mess into our personal space if we dont have to right??

TALK ABOUT A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING???  Meaningful & Empowering.

The best value is in purchasing the Premium Starter Kit! This kit contains:

  • Home Diffuser
  • 11 Essential Oils (Lemon*,Frankincense*, Lavender*, Theives*, Panaway*, Stress Away, Peppermint*, Copaiba, Purification*, RC, and Digize)
  • Samples to share 
  • Literature and other essential tools

*These are the ones I ran out of first! Lol

Retail value $330.00, you pay only $160.00 plus tax and shipping.  To order yours today, click the link 👇, and follow all prompts.


🎇Let me be the first to welcome you to your oily adventure🎇! If you have ANY questions, please email me at texturedawakenings@gmail.com . 

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