A fragmented journey on an unfamiliar path, assumes that similar blood allows for relationships unfathomed. Prosperous and pure. Intertwined, lethal combos tango, with intelligence that surpass humanity.

The black sheep is real! I’ll be that…
We climb new mountain tops, looking for synonyms that rebells Fear. Conquering life on a spiritual level, mastering all the reigns.

“Joy comes in the morning,” Wisdom silently alerts. Reminding, strife does not last forever. Awareness reveals lifetimes in an instant, unseen with the natural eye.

Sure, rejection hurts, but there is no reason to frighten and cry. Popularity is a man-made contest, and it’s designed for the losers passion to die.

Continue to choose the Light and Fight. No longer willing to sacrifice sight, with solving puzzles at night.

The attempts in fighting Fear’s curse won’t stop. This journey is now familiar. Fragments divinely debugged, cleansing Spirit, as YOU float FEARLESSLY to the top.

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