Merry Christmas!

I pray that each of you have smiles etched deep within your hearts, shining through, evoking the Spirit of Love around you…

It’s not about the materialistic-ness associated with Christmas, that society-sculptured concept, only encourages a Spirit of Lack.

Today, we are unified in Positivity across the nation, from one tradition to the next
Diversely Rooted to our Creator, from the Universal tree.

The air we Breathe is THE gift of all.
And we ALL have access to that,
Blessed.🙏 Allow yourself to be juuuust like this, Tomorrow..🙌💚

Merry Christmas & God Bless💜

📬Shout out to My Friend Tara!! She allowed me to infuse her Fabulously Christmas decorated home, by diffusing♨  Young Living’s Christmas Spirit essential oil.💜 See the pic collage.Lol😀

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