A Tribute to My Father…

The early morning of December 28, 2000 marks THE day in history my Father and I parted ways. I was visiting family during the Christmas holidays in another state, when my father went into the hospital.  We spoke daily, multiple times even, laughing and catching up from his hospital room.

The day before (12/27) we chatted and laughed like normal. I distinctly remember him telling me with an air of confidence, “I am going home tomorrow, so don’t call me here, I will be at home.” 

I laughed. I knew of my Father’s medical care plan and it did not include discharge instructions for home. His sarcasm filled humor mimiced his anticipation of release. My father was what I call, a seriously funny. He was serious with no intent to be funny…LOL( the best kind of humor).

He enjoyed micromanaging the medical staff,  teasing them with an attempt for his Will to come true. The staff was familiar with my Father from previous visits and knew to just ignore some of his outlandish requests.

My inner gaurd relaxed taking nothing serious he spoke that day. It was a great conversation…. I could still recall the feelings from it. Those emotions took residence and settled deep within my hearts muscle.

“I am going home tomorrow…”, is all I could mentally hear when my Mother and paternal Aunt called me at 3:00am to inform me that my Father had a massive heart attack and died.
He went home!!πŸ’₯

Through blizzards of Rochester’s snow, I was anxious to get back to South Carolina even if I had to walk. Two days of traveling, wondering if this news was true… Everytime I went to pick up the phone to call his hospital room for confirmation, I remembered my Father distinctly told me not even twelve hours prior, not to call today.

I had been a Daddy’s girl growing up, and his word was Bonded & Insured. Even during my darkest hours of mourning, I remained humbly thankful to God for the premonitions of death he lended my Father, allowing him an opportunity to say Goodbye, the best way he knew how. πŸ™πŸ’œ

Now, seventeen years later to the exact date and time, I share our last moment with Textured Awakenings and the world. I’m shouting from mountain tops to the valley of the ‘hoods. “You are special in every way!! I will always love you Daddy!!” πŸ’œ

I appreciate your hardwork and sacrfices through lifes adversity. I understand. I am thankful for the life lessons learned through our time together. Our memories will always live within me throughout the rest of time.
To KNOW me, is to KNOW my Father.

Rest Peacefully Pops…I Love You. πŸ™ŒπŸ’œ

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