The Act of Forgiveness

The act of Forgiveness is a process that a person goes through when they willfully decide to let go of emotional attachment towards a specific person or event.

In life, we sometimes experience hurt caused outside of ourselves. If the negative encounter goes unacknowledged, layers of hurt collect and contagiously fester within our hearts, strangling our point of views, and ultimately leaving an effect of a poor outlook towards life. Then the voice of “can’t” develops, diminishing dreams and prosperity to the dot of an I.

We are subliminally killing ourselves! Mental and Physical illness are at an all time high! There is a commonality in millions of Americans that suffer through their suffering. Habitual denial of caused pain can be a major contributer to varying degrees of Addiction, Anger, Abuse, Guilt, and Fear etc.

We were not born to hate, or live miserably bitter. These behaviors are reactions to forms of pain. By holding onto the negativity, we are then encouraged to react in a negative manner upon the activation of “triggers”. We must  realize that this revolving cycle leads us to the infamous, nowhere. It enables us to splurge on time, and we are not the keepers of the universal clock!

In the initiation of healing old wounds, we must excercise our Divinely structured power to Forgive. This action is performed for the gain of Peace within Self. Letting go to forgive said circumstances, and ourselves, breaks all forms of mental, physical, and emotional bondage. The BEST weight loss strategy ever! 

Is this process easy?
No, but is there anything in life that comes easy?
The brain is a powerful tool. It can aid in building up Greatness, or it can be destructive allowing choas and confusion to lead the way in life. Forgiveness is as complicated as we make it sound with the power of excuses. “They hurt me..”, “They lied to me..” Although these statements are valid, carrying these things around from day to day, turn into year to year, and even sometimes so much time goes by and the origin of the original problem become burried so deep, the hurt becomes lost. This mindset feeds on our Hope, with all damages billed directly to YOU. Take control of your emotions and co-create the life that you are intended to LIVE.

It is time to grab our spiritual brooms and sweep around our hearts and minds with clear intent to declutter the excess baggage. In result, denying the access of past emotions to dictate how we live, and express ourselves, and feel, in the NOW.

Change starts within. Become familiar with the essence of your Being with some of this renewed positive energy. Participate in soulful excercises that introduce Joy and Peace to life.
Some ways could include( but not limited to): prayer, mediations, journaling, excercising, or even initiate conversation within your support system. 

You are not alone. We, the human race, are all in this together. Generally speaking, with lack of constructive communication it is easy to be misunderstood when voicing opinions on sensitive subjects within mainstream society. I encourage you to turn the outward observations toward others,  to Self.

This is the last day of 2017. Step into 2018 with smiles and laughter, and peaceful hearts and minds. Healing has already begun through Divine Justice, initiated by you, through the Acts of Forgiveness. Now sit back and let God…. May you Live Gracefully through the Blessings of our Creator…

🎊Happy New You, in this Happy New Year of 2018!!🎊

Written by: CeeCee
Photo by: Aquila Lynch, check out her AMAZING Blog with a click below!!!💜              

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