My Truth…

My Truth speaks to
Ears of the distracted listener.
Moral distractions from
Fundamental’s advisary,
Spoken backwards
From “Leaders”,
That stand behind ME,
In line.

Fictitious reigns held tight
In mind control
Over the masses.
While robbing souls blind
Leaving many saying,
“What happened?”

Fear marinated confusion
Expands like water to bread.
Hate births Injustice
Raised through streets of society.
Years bound.
Songs crying.
But who listening?
The distracted is distracted
Creating a tangled mess that weeps.

The Program, remains Still
As the biggest elephant
In this universal room.
But yet, Im holding it in my hand
Examining it with the third eye
Consciously interpreting
God’s plan.

This realm awakens Thee
From auto pilot sleep.
Experiencing reality as it peaks
Texture Awakening
to a Soulful mind, at Peace.

Becoming a Entrepreneur of thought
Selfless and Divine.
Mr. Sam Cooke said,
“Change is gonna come.”
Well that time of change is now!
Standing Tall in Light
Full and Strong.

Unity is the assignment
Due yesterday!
That makes you late.
Make it a priority to
Know and understand
Who holds your fate.

Awareness calls for action
Witness for yourself.
There is no moment like the present
To live, and truly flourish
Manifesting your best Self.

For Unity will beat all odds.
Bonded together as,
“One Nation under God, indivisible
with liberty, and justice for all.”*

*cited from the Pledge of Allegiance.

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