passion speaks in form of..

It could have allllllll been diffrent…
I could have been sacrificed
To the street of Streets
All tangled up in confusion
With nowhere to run, hide, or sleep.

“All streets lead to jail or death,”
Filtered through my head.
Fighting embedded scripture,
Floating deep beyond life’s threads.

Total eclipse of Faith’s sun,
Tomorrow, lead by
“the father of lies”,
Created yesterday.

At my worse,
I lay and cry,
Wishing to hear sweet lullabies
Of what SOUNDED good.
Paying Souls train fare,
Blinded and unaware.

“There’s a war going on inside of you!”
A voice calmly yells.
“Give in, and let me salvage your broken pieces. Your Renewal time has come, and you will yearn for your provised cause.”

My heart translated this message well.
And every since THAT day,
The silent conversation was held,
My ego died,
Leaving Myself,
To transform in becoming Self-Less.

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