Ra – Ra Sis Boom Blah!

I’ll be a cheerleader

even when I dont care

for the team.

Flashes of smiles and laughter

Rolls in stagnantcy.

Your mouth says one thing

With actions speaking differently.

Apples and oranges laced with

tones of complacency.

Rolling tides of regret,

Left guessing how to play

The hand you’ve been dealt.

Outside noises distract,

Even a Queen.

The King snaps back to reality

Trying to find the You in Me.

You either stay in or out

The screened door remains closed

Permanent choice evident

The heart will know if it’s authentic.

Gym bags of genuine love and desire


Miraculously, into gases

Floating through the air.

Olfactory offenses


Leaving trails of

soul-ties strangled from dispair.

A fate once known and cherished

But changes, I grow to take.

Morals crocheted deeply, in my DNA.

So it’s not in me to hate,

Be who you are

Hunni, just move out the way!

When you see me again

I’ll be on the other side

Cheerleading silently

Fearless, and Wonderfully made.

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