Food 4 Thought…

As I sit on my porch, with pillows all around me to support my body, praying to decrease the pain.. Sun shining, wind blowing, Elements all in place.

I drink my coffee and grab a book, while diffusing Inspiration. (Young Living Essential Oil)

As I read through, “The Rose That grew From Concrete.”…The Late, 2Pac Shakur’s, collection of personal poetry

I laugh, and cry, weirdly at the same time. LOL.. But,  within this moment of weirdness I see….that Life, is soooooo much BIGGER than me.

His poetry Inspires me, to rise above my physical pain and not be deterred from Thee….. Whatever that shall Be. πŸ™

Pain is not my Identity…My coffee is now cold…as I blog in the present participle. I smile as I remember…
Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way.

Excuses on hold…Inspiration comforts my heart and mind, anticipating the unfolding of this Day.


6 thoughts on “Food 4 Thought…

      1. Thank you again for taking the time to comment..:) In this post, ( and all of them) I am 100% transparent. And for someone to feel my perspective, is Amazing. So my Thank You, is no ordinary thank you..;)


      2. One of the most rewarding feelings is having someone who can understand your view and the added bonus is when your words can help another. That is exactly what has taken place on my part. Your post is not only well written but it also to keep moving after I foolishly stopped because of my own frustration & almost defeated spirit. πŸ™

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