Love today and beyond…

There are many hearts in pieces today. The majority has called attention to this day, to express “Love”. I am not anti-Valentines Day. Lol. I feel a strong, personal, need to support Love not only today, but most importantly Beyond.

Love is a precious jewel that is apart of who we are. (As an individual…which reflects in the collective) Love begins deep within our Soul selves, handcrafted, made from genuine God-lee-ness.

It hurts my heart for the people that feel excluded because they dont have a significant other, or no money to really do what you would like, and some, may not harness their own Love. Developing the inability to recognize Love, even when Love stares back at them from the mirror.

Candy and flowers, parish. Purses and shoes become worn, and money, can be a lethal weapon in the wrong, financially illiterate hand. Love withstands all tests of weather,  and unnecessary roughness. Love is everlasting, and doesn’t come in form of an outside symbol, that just happens to peak on February 14th.

Dry your weeping eyes, and lift your heavy hearts. Dust off the bitterness, accumulated from some OUTSIDE source. Love yourself Today, and Beyond…stay par for course. I am putting you on notice to understand that Love is priceless, and cannot be bought with any riches, of this land.

God has Blessed my heart with an abundance of Love to share. Selfless through hardships and pain, even loving the people that may speak negatively about you, in vain. Let’s Love without judgement (Vibe Clinic episode), because another persons heart can’t be seen with this dimension of vision…

Today, I extend both arms out to you, with positive intent to share my Love. I pray that Love drips into every crevice, even if its gaurded. May whomever reading this post become Alive through their heart and mind, to Love for themselves.

I Love Yall & Happy Valentine’s Day💜
Experienced & Written by: CeeCee

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