Letter to You….

( I wrote this letter to my Facebook commumity in 2015! I humbly share this same emotion with my new WordPress Family💜!  #stillrelevant🙏 ) 

Dear Family and Friends,

I here-by draw to your attention the need of Love within yourself, and reflecting this emotion onto your neighbor. Society has Power in this hour. Egos are killing , hating, judging, and leaving the remainding Souls lifeless. I challenge each and every one of you to Love and Respect yourself, and your actions shall follow. One by one infiltrating our Spirits with Kindness, Positivity, and the Due-Dilligence to do the right thing. Take time to pay attention to the holes in our pasts, that we creatively run from. I encourage you to deal. We are a Beautiful species. We have soooo much to gain/lend to one another. For once, lets use our voice to “Just say No” to that egotistical pest that lurks this land 24/7. LIVE. 😉 As we see, nothing, including time is promised. Lets take advantage of knowing….and lift one another through the struggle.  ALL of Our ancestors, would be so proud. We are not made to be perfect, yet theres a lot of people strivin gor it. Lets be the Best person we can be, and things WILL change. There are so many things that make it easy to be dependent, and envious….Recognize who YOU are, and Implement. 😉 Im ready……are u?
Kings and Queens of ALL backgrounds, man/woman your thrones…..
It will all workout for the greater Good.
God is still in control.
I Love Yall! 😉

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