The Truth.

2/24/18 Vibe Check ✔…..

As I lay in my hospital bed hurting, aching, with so many questions…answers unfound. I’m slowly fading invisibly to the naked eye. Yet when my physical body is transparent, my spiritual sight is heightened.

Through the darkness I see a light shining down from the sky…The sky is where I was taught Heaven lives. Instantly, this made me happy.😁  I like to break things So when you think about it, a slice of heaven lives in me already.

This revelation literally brings tears to my eyes. God is working. He has millions of jobs, and never get tired! I lay here proudly today as one of them.🙏

I am sharing unfiltered moments of transparency right now. I am coming to you Live from my hospital bed that I have occupied since Tuesday.  And through all the Pain, Frustrations, Misunderstandings, and Solitude, I remain Grateful. My tears are flowing, but they flow filtered through 100% Faith, that everything my mind, body, and soul is going through… It is for Divine reasoning. 

What’s happening to me may be a sum total, life track shift for someone else, or shoot maybe even for myself! 😌 Whatever it is, I Trust God with my life, because in reality, my life belongs to him.

In one of my most vulnerable moments, I say to whomever read this vent/ emotional testimony, know that whatever challenges you are presented with, always look toward the light of nourishment and growth. It’s too easy to be distracted with the negativity that festers these lands. The Light of unconditional Love, that our lives were molded from..know that all that comes your way, good or bad..will pass. Not only pass, but without bruises or harm to God’s property.

The enemy of lies will attempt to alter your thoughts to enable you to fall into depression and misery. ( money cant stop these things, so lets leave money out of our minds) I want to focus on the things we all possess..heart, mind, and soul… So when you are aware, to see this pattern happening…tell your Ego to be QUIET! The negative chatter gets in the way of hearing God’s voice of guidance, straight to your spiritual Self.

How do I KNOW?  I am living it. Even my current pain in my body, does not have the power to deter me from trusting God! Please..keep this testimony in mind, especially when you are going through.  You are not alone. I am not alone.

It touched my heart to share my transparency with the world, somebody may need to read this….And because its beyond me….Why keep it pent up inside?  Helping one person, is what my mission is tonight.

I Love yall! This message is brought to you from the apex of my heart…The Vibe Clinic Podcast, The Visual Experience. Thank you for your Time and Support.🙏💜

CeeCee.. Texturally Awakenings continues..😍💪🙏💜✌

4 thoughts on “The Truth.

  1. I have found that in my darkness emotional and mental stress there is so much light. Light that I have not created. It has always been there but because I allowed life to be the distraction, I have been unable to see it. GOD is always speaking, however because of our focus we only hear when we are forced to be quiet. This still small voice always wants to love on us. We can only be in Thanksgiving when we are quiet enough to hear. Love U

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