I feel so Blessed within my connection in Oneness. When I mention Oneness, people think I’m referring to meditations, or voluntary, involuntary solitude, sadness, or maybe even withdrawing from my surroundings….That’s not so.

Have you ever been in a space where the sound of your telephone, makes your blood cringe? It may not have anything to do with whos calling, just the telephone, itself, can becomes so annoyingly redundant, that you turn it on silent and forget on purpose. Lol.  I can’t be alone in feeling this way…😌

πŸ“’And do not get me started on the television! Lol. Programming is so concretely real. There are so many algorithms in place to funnel “the right” content, to “the right” demographic, so “the right” people can get paid, Sadly,  off others demise. How has this been happening for so long without anyone taking notice? Don’t get me wrong, there are some healthy channels and educational media out there..shout out to BBC, and my VH1 Soul type channels. Case and point….some of the best channels are not even available through all cable providers …(But these networks ARE nationally syndicated??…. )πŸ‘€ O.K.

In my opinion,(this is all my opinion..lol) reality television has taken over reality for many people. Programmers prey on the citizens to become distracted with the tv characters superficial dream.  While your awareness is looted, theres a line being smudged at your toes. Conveniently blending the boundries of reality in between, and by the time you realize anything, you imitating, you pretending, and you are caught up in a web of lies that don’t even belong to you, leaving many victimized before they even get off the couch! No more!! Awareness is life, and if you are not aware, where does that place you?

I’m gonna tell you…DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!🎀 That phrase is more than a hook from classic hip hop, it’s evidence based Truth.  The hype (distractions) stand taller than Mt Sinai, escorting you with pure,  unfiltered, shade. Shade that only speak when spoken to. Shade that hides God’s healing sun on purpose, enabling your mind to be looted in the dark. Anonymously
funneling fear laced hormones
Straight into your dome
Products crafted carefree and ..

We must continuously disect and trim the overgrowths blinding our sight.
The signage still sitting on the side
of the street, this time on your Right.
Spray painted and swaying,
Yet the words remain clear.
Awaiting to signal Clear Pathways,
Clear Intentions..
Clarity, refined in ALL phases
Of Being.

Every set of eyes that read this post has a testimony. The world is busy, and without a healthy mentality, it is fading to black , almost as fast as the speed of light. What if there were a cure? A cure to lighten the emotional and mental suffering of our people. A cure that allows individual thought process to work respectfully towards a common goal…

Mr. William Shakespeare famously  stated in Hamlet, “To Be or not to Be, that is the question..” That was centuries ago, and yet this still remains the question.

Be Happy. Be Positive. Be Loyal. Be Kind. Just Be. Sheer existence, while displaying Humility toward all forms of life… Every attribute named are free of cost. The act of Breathing Divinely annoints the opportunity for all to exist. Fill your spiritual shopping cart with nutrients needed to tell friend from foe, truth vs. lie, and Good vs evil. There’s No money required!!

In my Oneness I look around, and I see that I am no diffrent from the plant that blooms, or no diffrent from the eco system that is silently taking place right under my feet. Let’s not venture off into judgement and allow ourselves to question these fundamental gifts. There are many species, and homeosapians are only one. We are all ALIVE! 🌍

Our Creator created this universe and everything in it. From the stars, to oceans, to even Pluto and Mars..
The complexities of this world
Goes undefined
It doesnt matter whos thinking
You, Them, or Me
Our human minds wont be able to see.
So why do we look to Man
To solve,

Truth hurts,
But the pain is only temporary.
Perform due diligence on yourself
Taking actions to
heal your Soul to whole.
With Spirit acknowledged,
Oneness will unfold.

There is no seperation between
the universe and Me.
God controls all things,
Is what I Believe.
Seeking Salvation in anything other than our Creator, they guessing, trying to figure life out just like me!

I share My Peace and Joy
that vibrates at an exceptional rate,
Making my heart flutter, skip, jump
Obeying fate
To that steady beat.

Happiness fills my veins,
makin me wanna cut myself spiritually
and bleed..Freeing..
Feeding… God’s word to all of his people.
Sharing genuine Love
In My state of Oneness.
A space where everything appears clearly as it is…

Join me in Alchemy.
Keeping Faith
Being sensitive to His message,
And Guidance turn by turn
Transforming life’s advisary
Into a Priceless Abundance
Of God’s rarest pleasantries.πŸ’œ


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