Through it All..


Achey frame
Jump start
Before the clock starts.

Racing to finigh
(Get Back Jack!)

Im feelin
(So much)
Im contagous
Straight chicken- pox of the mind.

This itch manifests
A Will to scratch
The Dream deffered 9 times!

Tingling sensations
Settle deep within the heart’s muscle,
Four chambers of Love
Unconditionally Spasms,
Feeding loins from deep within.

Time stands Still.
Next to me…
in my ear.

Senses connected
Vision blurs
With sights of Strength and Prosperity.

Standing between You and Me
In its inadvertent appearence
Of air, space, and opportunity.
Through Possibilities

True observation exists,
Through flaws,
Discomforts of pain
Manifesting like chicken- pox of the mind.

Through Gods Grace & Mercy,            Through it All                                                You HEAL….Each and everytime!

God Bless You…๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™


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