Happy Women’s Day, Daily!πŸ’œ

History will not repeat itself! Over centuries, all cultures of Women have been through a great deal of inequality, abuse, and/or some form of socioeconomic oppression. Many Women have marched and sacrificed their lives so that one day, Women will gain/maintain the voice to fight for overall Respect for Womanhood all over the world. 

International Women’s Day was celebrated recently, on March 8th. I noticed the Beautiful essence of humanity showing it’s radiant glow in celebration of Femininity. I noticed Beauty within the essence of Humanity,  showing it’s radiant glow in celebration of Femininity. The clensing breeze of positive energy manifeated in Smiles, Participation, and Respectful Acknowledgment, toWomen. πŸ’ž

Let’s keep this ball rolling and meet Change. A change that would reconfigure society, enhancing the Goodness in All.
Distractions are nearly impossible to dodge, due to a promptful, trendy, convience laced, cell phone crazed, society we live in. ( just sayin)  Solidarity increases when each individual not only  hold accountability, but also become spiritually aware to Self. This act must be initiates in order to be able to develop genuine common interests with other people, aiding in developing meaningful, and healthy relationships along the way. In doing this, Unity is inevitable in all cultures. Right actions give Reverence to the ancestral struggles for their fiery attempt to empower Women around the globe. (SelflesslyπŸ’œ)

We have been Fearfully and Wonderfully made. Women will move with endurance in Faith and Prosperity, individually as well as in collective. There are so many obstacles that crawl into our heart space, in many colorless forms disguised as distraction. Distractions invade through vulnerabilities effecting the Mind, Body, and Soul. There are many dealing with Domestic Violence, Cancer, Lupus, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS, Depression, and other forms of Mental Illnesses,  etc..

Pastor Jamelia Young-Mitchell, of #CarChroniclesMovement/Unity, gave such an inspiring message on Womens Day ( as she does every dayπŸ’œ). She said, “God said, wake up and fix your crown today.” Her words resignated clear through to my bones. My spirit recognized her words as Truth. 

Queens all over the world,  in all diffrent stages of life, are becoming discouraged primarily from fighting life’s bundle of adversaries, alone. During our weakness and darkness, is when God hears our cries of Faith the loudest. In our brokenness, is the perfect time for God to restore and heal to Mind, Body, and Soul. You began to LIVE under God’s will over your life. I am living testimony. πŸ™

There has been far too much pain!  It is time to willfully Let Go of  Self discouragement!  It is time to stop listening to the wrong people that are toxic and damaging, and detox our lives in ways that embrace our best Self.      You are a Queen!  πŸ’œ You are Beautiful! You possess a Fierce source of a Power of Femininity!

Women were not only designed to endure the magnificence of birthing children, but we also have the ability to give birth to our Dreams. In most times,  both of these things are done simultaneously. Superhero style! Ladies, you rock!πŸ’œ

If you find that you are stuck in an obstacle, and it is hard for you to imagine positivity, and your outlook on life is bleak?  Stop everything right now, and make THE decision to make the positive changes needed to improve your quality of life. (Time is too short) Some changes may involve walking away from toxic people, or lifestyle habits, but most changes of permanence will be internal.

Healing starts in our spiritual hearts and minds. Lift up your Confidence, hold your head high, take a deep breath, and realize your breath gives you confirmation that it is not too late to do ANYTHING! Joy comes in the morning, the first breath of the day awards life. With Gratitude in this moment, you experience Joy.

Ladies, let’s aim to “Know Thyself”. This African Proverb is ancient wisdom in simplest terms. Truth in practice, illiminates the commotion of fitting in to be social accepted, or allowing your ego to ruin precious moments of time, that cannot be returned. You are strong and courageous with boundless opportunity waiting……You.

I am proud to Be. I am proud to be a Women. Let’s continue to Respect and Love Ourselves, and one another. Allow yourself to Resignate with your bright reflection from your mirror, and fall in Love with You again!

Remember to always keep your hand out to help someone else, to the best of tour ability,  through their turbulances in life. Empowerment lives in each Smile. So again, Smile, and fix your crown Today Queen, it’s slightly tilted.

Happy Women’s Day, Daily!!πŸ’œπŸ˜€πŸ’œ

*Kings, treat Women like the Queen’s they are…and of course vice versa..πŸ˜‹*

Written by: CeeCee
God Bless YouπŸ’œ.

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