Prevention: Road Rage!

Be honest…
Do you suffer from displaying, verbally or physically, uncontrolled anger in response to another driver/pedestrians “misjudgement” or mistake?(often)

Really?? Well, with the Prevention Series, my goal is to take daily irritating behaviors/habits, and reveal the inverse, with Positive thought. Positive thinking requires a real time, mental presence, or Awareness. 

Take an internal poll of Self, and realize what’s presently festering through your emotions?  How much of your findings were caused within this very minute? ๐Ÿ‘€ If none were, start sorting the past into the past, and allow the future to unfold as Divinely provised. It’s GREAT to have goals, recognize and understand that you can only work toward them one day at a time. Through Awareness, your future will become brighter than you presently envision it.๐Ÿ™

Statistics show an overwhelming increase in road rage violence over the last 5 years. The amount of distractions that rob our attention in the car is insane! One major distraction is ( drum roll )..Cell Phones!! Many lives have been lost trying to type or read a text mesaage from a cellphone. It is not worth it. These acts, can be prevented!

Road Ragers, lets take a pause….and take a look at why irritation shows it’s ugly head, especially while driving.
What is happening in our hearts that allow a strangers misjudgement, mistake, or a near miss, takeover present emotions so negatively?
Are you in a rush? Are you stressed out from a disagreement with a friend/loved one? Depression?
Figure out Your bottom line. Unhealthy emotions left unchecked, oftentimes lead to pessimist outIook toward other people, life, and even yourself.

The Prevention series wants to encourage people that suffer from rage, to allow healing of your bottom line, the root of frustraition There’s alot of power in our words and actions, and without restraint, they can cause serious harm to other people, we never know the status of another persons heart and mind. Instead, choose to use the power of thought and words to aid in being Presently positive.

Here are some starter ways to practice Awareness the next time you are in the car…
1. Allow positivity to leave your lips, and into the atmosphere, prior to getting in the car. (Ex. “I will drive with patience calmly, and with perfect timing. I will not allow other’s actions shift MY emotions. Distractions will be prevented, to the best of my ability.”)

2. Learn to appreciate silence. When we allow diminishing of the outside world, this Stillness promotes processing the thoughts of the day, silence promotes Focus, Pray, or quietly show Gratitude for the environment around you.

3.Set your cell phone settings to hands free/driving mode. Alot of car models have bluetooth, use it.

4. Sing! If you can speak, you can sing. Allow your Soul to play.

Now that we have refreshed our attitudes, and mind, our Awareness will organically increase. Auto pilot off!  Operating a vehicle is a dangerous task which is taken for granted daily. Consciously drive in real time, with the understanding that each moment is a GIFT of Presence. Make the choice to excercise Patience, releasing judgement of other driving styles.

 Be Mindful of others, as well as yourself. We are all human, and we will at times, make mistakes. Road rage= Bully, and bullies are NOT cool!  Always remember, safety is first, and prevention remains key. So let’s make an oath to govern ourselves accordingly.โœ‹

We have safely arrived to our destination๐Ÿš™…As we revel in our consciousIy positive thought…there is no way You can still be mad???
Of course NOT! ๐Ÿ˜€

Be Happy! & Road Rage Free!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’œ

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