#TBT Pre-Financial Freedom

Pre-Financial Freedom(listen above)

#TBT!! 7/27/2017:)  Allow me to share an episode from The Vibe Clinic, Season 1, Pre-Financial Freedom. Coin.. Coin.. Coin!  Lol. Money has always been at the root of most things concrete.  Struggles, Hardships, Lust, Envy, Jealousy, Power..etc. You get the picture right?  A saying that rang familiar growing up was, “Money is the root of all things evil,” comes to mind after thinking about the terrifying real life scenarios, but what if money turns out to not be that, evil, after all?

I have learned from personal experiences, and teachings from money savvy Friends, that the relationships that some individuals develop with money,  may be tainted or toxic. (some of the same examples above, many more I’m sure) Money,  is a subject in many cultures that still remain “private” or off the table of discussion in homes. This tradition of socioeconomic conditioning has been a mental pest for centuries. Identify these toxicities, you are not alone… Let’s Act!

In this old school episode,  Anthony Sinkfield shares basic fundamental  principles in hopes to expose resources , and ignite inspiration towards Empowering, and Educating individuals with Understanding and Operating their lives through Financial Literacy.

These starting bullet points, used effectively, will help change unhealthy habits and mindsets around handling/spending Money, ultimately catapulting you into LIVING a life of well deserved, Financial Freedom. WOOHOO! 🙂

For any Questions, or Entrepreneurial interests please do not hesitate to contact Anthony. He is always looking to work with Ambitious Licensed Life and Health Insurance agents, nationwide. If you are a non-licensed, and have great interest in growing a career in a BOOMING industry,  there’s a 30-90 day program available, please email Anthony for details. See contact/credentials below..:)

Anthony Sinkfield
Life & Health Insurance Agent
Holds Series 6 and 63 Securities
Director @ PHP Agency
Tucson, Arizona
*Licensed in Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Florida*


Awakening to Mind. Body. Soul. & Pockets…. CeeCee

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