Textural Awakened

Through broken pieces of glass,

Everywhere complex

Cortex fearlessly shattered.

In due time

Pineal glands will Spark and Shatter!

Making reality’s easier to see

The Shadows and Light then Tango,

To a FUNKY beat!

The softness in the effort

To Smile,

Taken for granted.

Firing firm, thickened skin

Now covered with rashes.

Textures Awaken


Through it All.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s mumbled.

Tears say it all,

In a secret coded language only

God hears.


Magnetize soul pieces whole again

Bonded with a paradoxical glue

Ignored by plenty, over the few.

Stop, Drop, and Pray!

(The heart deeply yells)

Acknowledging and Surrendering to God

Allows Notice….to

The Sun’s spell

Flirting where nature dwells.

Following all days,

An anonymous number.

No time to flaunt,

Be nurtured with a Universal Understanding.

Presence within this Awareness

Debunks times illusion

causing societies mis-handling,

psychological MADNESS,

and Confusion!

Stand Textured and Awakened!

and it Be Alright!

Uniquely alert,

Shining Light for the Fallen,

The Emotional, and Mentally hurt.

Brokenness = 1-billion-piece puzzle,

This is where God works best.

Trust Source,

Enlightenment begins

Joining alignment with the Earth.

Living nothing short,

of God’s Will

*Winning* 🙂

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