Today is a Great Day!  I am humbly Grateful for the perspective that I am continuously learning, and adapting , to LIVE with Purpose and Peace.  Great things come from Pain, I am fighting through several layers of it daily.  Literally and figuratively speaking…. God continues to Renew my Light, this beacon is Gleaming! My fiery instincts of Passion hemorrhages into overflow, reaching out with textured hands, equipped to grip, to HELP, stay Encouraged, to KEEP PUSHING through Life’s Ebb & Flow, trusting God to See and Operate through Me, as I do not exist. “I”, am just a conscious soul, reveling in Today, acknowledging Gods Promise, right, in this moment.

First. *Thank you* for taking the time out to read my poetry, and listen to my podcasts w/ The Vibe Clinic, and vybin with me with my Essential Oils craze! ( click hyperlink to learn more 🙂 )

Secondly. It took me soooo long to feel comfortable sharing my writings/thoughts with anyone..FORGET THE WORLD! lol.  However, during the last several years,  my life changed and I had been forced to Deal with a series of emotional/ physical/ mental baggage. Still Dealing…. It has not been easy, but I am Survivor! Spiritual Growth has been THE ONLY gateway to Healing, for Me. I sit before You, and the rest of the world…..Cracked, but not Broken. For this level of understanding,  I owe 100% of the Glory to God.

Have a Blessed Day! 🙂


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