Thoughts …

Destiny speaks in a
Pain induced labor of
Born in mass destruction
Mass seduction

Mr. & Mrs. Ancestrial,
art of storytelling
from deep sea.

Atlantic bound
Voices fluid with tears,
Leaking forward into the Now!
The Now Presents….

The Strength of Overcoming!
The Now, in which our spirits ignite,
In sparks of Glee…

All the credit is still being
Shipped and stored
Chyyyyye Please…

Yo lines of credit can’t afford Me!
My Sun enriched skin
and drenched Kinky tweeds,

The code to freedom
Lies inside

Destiny Speaks through a
Pain induced labor of
Born into mass destruction,
Purposely overwhelmed with
Mass Seduction.

Even the scalera is Crystal clear,
when it’s all Three…

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