Prayer Call…🙏

Hey Ya’ll! It has been a minute since I have blogged 😔…. There’s been alot going on behind the scenes of life, that my time has been allocated a little diffrently these days.😌

As some of my poetry, and free writings suggest pain, spirituality, and true freedom….Writing comes from my ❤ and soul! Free therapy. Lol.

Today, I am in route to the hospital to have surgery and fusion of a disc in my neck. ( all residual injuries from a car accident almost 3 years ago in Feb.)

I humbly ask my fellow bloggers, colleagues, friends, and family to please uplift , not just me, but each other in prayer this morning. We are all presented with various problems in life. Overcoming them, holds not only the beauty, but God’s Promise in it all.

I am choosing to hold onto Faith. God does not make any mistakes, may his Will be done. I AM A BELIEVER!😍🙌

I pray that everyone that spends precious time to read this, may your life be continuously Blessed.

I dont know whats next for me, my Trust is with God 100%. There has been so many layers of pain infused Joy…..I am humbly speachless, and excitedly anxious to see what my Lord and Savior cooks up for me next. I’m sure it will be soulfully Excellent!🙏.

I’m here!!!! Until my next update. God Bless each and every one of you!😇


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