State of Mind…

Have you ever felt alone?? But deeply you know that you are not?? Kinda….Sigh*💯

(🔊Transparency Moment)

I have been coping with chronic pain, recent surgical acute pain, interdependence, friendship illusions, and solitude. Sometimes even for the healthiest minds, these phases of life can start to play tricks on us mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. One of the hardest things that I HAD to adjust to, was to watch “other people lives move on”. (If that makes sense?😔)

The magical experiences mentioned above, is solitude. This is the place where my journey of soulful introspection began, because I had been consciously and spiritually broken.🙏

Please, please…do not mistake solitude for loneliness. Yes, they are synonymous. But the under and over tones of both words can allow mental travel to two totally-diffrent destinations!😨

Loneliness struck and lingered for about a year after my (life altering) car accident, approx 3 years ago. There is so much negative thought and connotational baggage, sadness, and ultimately depression associated with this frame of mindset.

What I’m learning, is that prespective is everything. We have the freedom power to choose to accept, deny, feel, or be numb… Some times the concept of Free Will becomes convoluted with trends and socioeconomic conditioning which makes it’s importance as an aid to decision making, hard to decipher. BUT, as my pain deepened, things became consciously obvious for the need of my spiritual roots strengthening, becoming conducive to life.

Our souls are Divinely immersed with God’s Plan. I do not know what the plan is for me, but what I do know is the scars of violence, variations of abuse, self sabotage, and etc.

These unconscious fragments floating freely through my heart center, placed me in a never ending marathon (that I so am not fit to run in!!!😬).

I will continuously thank God for his Grace & Mercy which provides me with the understanding between loneliness and solitude. Divine Wisdom.😍

This is a heck of a humbling ride!!🚀 I overstand how hard it is…😔 So, right now I dedicate my real-time tears 👀💦of Faith to YOU. Faith towards the various things that attacks, You will Overcome them.🙏💯

Humility is lacking today, and how? When our primary function is to Be human. Textured Awakenings is here as a virtual safe place of fellowship to stop, regroup, re-structure, and sometimes re-route. Renewal of the Mind, Body, and Soul is the spiritual reward for trusting God within all seasons, even when He cannot be traced.

Pay positivity forward. It’s FREE!

Thank you.✌💞

2 thoughts on “State of Mind…

    1. Thank you Paige!! I needed to hear all of your kind words. Sometimes I feel like I fall to deaf ears, but that is strength to try harder! God Bless You Queen..:)


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