Swag is a necessity
Often confused with over-confidence
Ya know, ego fed lives.

Swag pushes the plow
Tossing up the alphabet
When verbal farming is allowed.

Cultivating all senses
to feel the breeze
Dancing across the creases of the face.

Requires a mashup
Between thought and action.

Both provisions from ABBA
through Grace & Mercy,
Soul filled fung shui.

Renewal penetrates deeply
3rd Eye
Held mind,
“Becoming our best asset”

Add the heart
To find the greatest common denominator,

Decreasing those fragments
the ego once left
In couplets of “22’s”,
But not on a Cadillac

Swag is DNA woven
Fueling the Fearless of hearts.
While them Chevy’s ridin hot..

Rounding up fear
Stuck in survival mode.
Be who You want to Be
Percieve. Execute. Acheive.

Remains as the perspective
Dizzolving myths and lies
Historically fed inequities.

Distractions exist,
But that lesson in school was skipped
To teach to think
Instead of run.

Purposeful actions lead
through Wisdom Fields
with daffodils,
And all other, Universal elements to offer.


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