Be Encouraged

Hello Everyone!

I pray that you all are having a Great day. It’s possible even with all the distractions flowing through the atmosphere…

It is, and always have been, Real In These Streets! Now, there are a lot more people affected by many things like small business shutdowns, natural disasters, political frantic, local/federal gov’t doin what THEY do, sprinkles all the way down into each individual’s heart.

Of course, it depends on how these issues of the world are perceived….is the cup half empty or half full? No answer is wrong.

Allow Me to be a beacon of light, shining from inward, highlighting the illusions and deceit that plagues around our species to date. Kandi Buress wrote a song some years ago, “Fly Above”…..That song still comes to mind as a reminder to sweep and clean Self to become lighter to fly above all the hate, and God will fix the rest.

Humanity is at its peak! We can and will ban together and not divide because Love ALWAYS wins. Stay Encouraged, these life issues (distractions) will too come to pass.

Real-time mood……authentically expressed.


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