Rejuvenate You!

Have you experienced “bad days”? Has life become stressful, or nothing seems to go right?

We’ll guess what? You are not alone. Everyone experience some unsavory times at some point throughout life’s journey. It is important to remain aware to self and your environment. Most times, these “bad days” are exacerbated by the need to have control, or not reaching a desired outcome.😣

You too can learn to cope via healthy habits during these times, by first surrendering control. You will be shocked at how things just “work out”, when circumstances are not contorted with our own will.πŸ€”

Dont believe me? Try it!😁

Here are some ways you can WooSahh through, and preserve your sanity.πŸ™

Call someone trustworthy. Sometimes we need to just have a soundboard. Weither it is a loved one, or special friend, “dumping”on someone shouldn’t be a concern….If it’s real! πŸ‘€

Excercise. Not to make it sound like However, nature heals. The universal elements were also created for a Divine purpose. Go for a walk on a trail…summin like medicine. πŸ–€

Meditate. Allow your mind to be Still. Treat yourself to quiet time, you have ALL to gain. Begin by sitting or lying in a comfortable position, close eyes, and concentrate on your deep breathing. Thats it! It’s some great guided meditaions out there, all you have to do is start…πŸ™

Take a Bath! Clense your body of “the day”. Relax, Reset, and Renew. Be creative…add some lavender, sea salt, etc.πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

Feel free to customize your Rejuvenation Toolbox as needed. Most importantly remember to remain consciously Grateful at all times. Retraining thoughts and habits will empower you to find the GIFT, in your next “bad day”.

You can..

You will..

You are..

God Bless,

πŸ’₯What bad days? Chhye Bye!πŸ’₯

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