An Interrogation of Self…

Do you have the ability to maintain self control over your emotions?
Even when the affliction strikes against fields of passion??
If you answer no, you’re not alone. 🖤

Our feelings and/or emotions heavily feast on the time we have been granted in this life. How? One can include, the distraction of feeling. Emotions only become a distraction when you give subliminal permission of unclean intent to entice the preferred train of thought. This causes negative sensations. It’s maaad easy to get caught up emotionally. It happens quick too!🤔

The next time your mood is changed and you find yourself “feeling some kinda way” or undesirable, take a pause. You are in control.

Ask yourself 5 questions:

Why do I feel like this?
Is this feeling supportive or against…?
What is happening around me?
When did I start to feel this way?
How can I overcome these abusive feelings ?

Thankfully, all of these answers to these questions are embedded deep within you already.
Identify the emotion.

Emotions are thoughts coupled with a sensation. Ex. When you think about something, there can be a heart felt feeling blended with that same thought. The brain is POWERFUL!! You don’t have to tell it too many times, before the brain starts to automatically get into it’s own rhythm of doing things.

💥(Make sure this rhythm is consciously positive, and full of life!)
Take moments.

It’s YOUR time! Take some moments for yourself to Check-in on yourself!👀 This world, the “demands” of society, the struggle can be real….especially when many mindsets are shaped to sadly accept without asking why? If these blistering-“everybody” type emotions are not handled effectively, the “struggle” could become the hardeset WE will ever see…MESSAGE!!

I encourage you to take emotional control today. Take a moment to think, pray, meditate, write, sing, dance, draw, or laugh out your why’s. When you take a minute to acknowledge the why, you know who to forgive, and how important it is to let go. 🤗

” You must begin wherever you are.”
~ Jack Boland

The load will lighten. Peace is already upon you, acknowledge it.🙏

From the Desk of,

Cee Cee

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