Wassup Y’all! :)

Hello!!! It’s been a minute since my last blog post, life happens. It feels sooo good to be here today though, sheer Blessings! Sharing some Love….

I am learning to stop covering up emotions that are already seen by God. The effort it takes to carry loads of mess, supress, and ignore makes Fear wealthy. Literally & Figuratively speaking…Real Talk. Wearing these toxics in my heart, affects my face, tone, and then appearence… OH HECK NAWL!

” Not Today!”

signs Mind, Body, & Soul

Ya know? Life is full of the unpredictable. Due to our lacking of control on the outcome, we must recognize the natural rhythms in place. This road I have been traveling has been a hard one. I have never experienced in my life to ever compare. The value of Overcoming strengthens my spirit Today.

I am energizing life continuosly to better through Grace & Mercy. I cannot go wrong pushing in that. A whole new experience of life awaits, and I am excited!! Stay focused & humble. Value even changes…

Thank you so much for vybin with me! Your time is priceless, and Blessings to each one of you for sharing it. Make sure to subscribe! Only Greatness lies ahead. So stay up to date with your cope through it all , spot! 🙂

Blessings… XOXO

2 thoughts on “Wassup Y’all! :)

  1. Welcome back! Thank you for sharing your Love & Light☀. Overcoming is a must! Btw, “Stop covering up emotions already seen by God”….. You said a mouthful there!!🙏💪💯#datpart. Keep coming with the positive and true words of wisdom, you have been missed😉.


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