Febrile Illness

This uncontrollable shiver
verifies your love,
to withstand
against the line in the sand,
drawn by adversaries Homie.
(Out of pocket)
insanity bursts
from mechanisms of thought
glittering reality.
I am you,
and you are me,
but deep within,
I KNOW that it cannot be,
so, determined to use me.
Does the line in the sand
protect people resembling me?
These blankets crochet cotton of hate,
Get them off me!
Yo! This shit is crazy!
raped all night,
and now you blaming me?!
stuck doin' psychological time,
but yet I am free....
(Moment of confusion)
"BABY! Where the Tylenol at, my temperature damn-nere 103 Degrees!"

Is justice a hallucination or naw?


Be safe out here y'all... There are multiple shifts happening at once.  Peace.

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