A Birds Eye View

A Few Words from a Bigger Picture- What is The Vibe Clinic? How do we strengthen AND Overcome injustices?

It’s so much emotion flowing through every community in this nation following the murder of Mr. George Floyd. People are upset, hurt, outraged, and tired. I can understand that, on a few levels……

I don’t have the physical ability to even peacefully protest, but there’s alot more to be done. Everything in this universe has to balance. This balance is stabilized by what’s in view in the bigger picture of humanity. Injustices has plagued this nation since it’s takeover.

This hate creeps up and disrespects on a daily basis. But why? …..

People have become desensitized to the manufacturing of hate, but in publicized tragedy, people ban hates together to fight against hate.?. Iono… (There are victims of hate we know nothing about) Save some energy y’all! Peacefully protest, our people have been demonstrating for justice for decades. Stand Up for what YOU believe in! On all fronts! Don’t forget about economics either….. (them pockets)

We also cannot forget to not be fearful to dissect our own character to eradicate the hate within(towards whatever), then open our minds to learn in the affirmative, teaching, mentoring, and remaining consciously active to fight for justice in all things. ie. Self, Community, Race, Women, Disability, LGBTQX… We are all people! A hurting people!

Healing is the choice. Without gaining the insights of the fragmented Self, how can we cure the common hate that tie this all together? Be accountable for you.

We have begun to strengthen as a People. Let’s go forth with the effort to maintain the strength so this too won’t become old news that escape history books, allowing hate to reproduce and repeat, counteracting the legacy’s of the slain…this cannot be in vain. Keep standing, It’s now time to stand up for YOU!

Peace, Love & Light…

CeeCee & The Vibe Clinic Podcast

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