Smother the grooves
On the souls of my shoes.

Housed feet run
For lives bound
By inverting time.

Ducki'n and Weav'in
the Treason,
Chas'in me.

Foreign objects reveal
Identities chopped & screwed,
Through lame remixes of humanity.

Dom struggl'in to be free
Crisp eyes, dark skin, and beautiful white teeth
Channeling black beauty, as Authenticity speaks.

She say, " I don't wanna run no mo!"
Four-hundred AND One, is a long time,
Ankles swollen, legs tied.

Hope marry's math 
 Reflecting fear
To pant disgrace.

Teaching fake news
Exposing oppression schools,
Intermingled in public.

Molotov's aim
Extinguishing pain
Unreachable, in the womb.

Fuck these dirty soles!
Souls dried up in Red-clay,
Enduring tests of time. 
By: CeeCee R.

2 thoughts on “Time

  1. You betta Say It!!!! Folks may be tirrrreedd but given up ain’t it!!! Keep blessing us with your thoughts Queen.


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