Morning Vibes…

Wassup Ya’ll!

I pray all is well on this beautiful morning. It’s still dark at the time of writing this. There is light rain bouncing from the window pane setting an ambiance screaming, “REFLECT!” Generally I do not wake up this early. My natural time ranges a good 7:30- 9:00 am, easy. So this is quite early.

A.  I am grateful to God for granting me time.
B.  In present awareness I realize all things happen for a greater good, so God must have something he need me to do. 🙂
C.  And that is enough. 

There is soooo much happening in midst of COVID-19, Natural Disasters, Civil Injustices….not to mention dealing with the effects and sensations left behind by broad casualties into ones personal life. It’s a lot!… It is important for us to find ways to stay encouraged and keep pushing through it all, holding on to Hope as we take each step towards better.

I am extending a warm Thank You. A thank you to each one of you for all of your support via likes, listens, comments, follows, and shares. I truly appreciate Ya’ll!! I remain gratefully humble. It was on this same journey that I decided to share my self expressions with the world and started this very blog in 2017. I’m so proud of this space.

A lot of personal things fell into my spirit during this reflection. Ya know, it is amazing what happens in life as one deepen faith in God. Real Talk.

Six years ago, February 17, 2014, my brother Wayne died from a pulmonary embolus ( clot in the lungs) a couple weeks after a knee replacement. Not only was this a shock, but I was the one that attempted resuscitation. This scar embedded itself deep, effecting the psyche in various ways. This story is a valid portion of my testimony- Memoir “Press on!”. Available very soon, I will keep you posted on it’s release date.

I say that to say, I am facing this trauma on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 in surgery having the same procedure done due to a hereditary condition. Am I nervous you ask? Ahhhh YES! LOL. However, I am not worried. I truly am trusting God, minute to minute, every day of my life.

My empathic nature heightens in a way that doesn’t do any good to explain. Ya know? Not in a bad way, but sometimes I feel like the energy spent on trying to get someone else to see where you are coming is spending recklessly. I do want to inform you this morning….This too shall pass Trust God when you cannot trace himthrough it all… All things happen for greater good. Real Talk. I’ve found out there is nothing else.

Please allow me to cordially invite you to a FREE DOWNLOAD of my E-Book, How To Have Unlimited Peace Right Now! Living in a present state of awareness is imperative in life. Awareness has been my safety harness in the connections of mind, body, and soul. Awareness is the single antidote against fear. Check it out by clicking the hyperlink above.

Let’s continue to lift each other up during prayer, mediation, quiet time, and moments of reflection. We need each other, we always have. I look forward to our conversations! 🙂 I will keep you posted about my upcoming surgery. Peace, Love, & Light !

CeeCee Robinson XOXO

2 thoughts on “Morning Vibes…

  1. Hey sis, so proud of you and the growth both spiritul and emotional. God’s got you and I am praying your full and speedy recovery. Keep up the great work I’m really enjoying the positivity of the Vibe Clinic.

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