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Why Is It Important To Live Present? Q&A Series Awaykenned's Vibe Clinic

Join us as we single out common questions, and share insight toward the solutions often revealed, candidly in the now, on the journey of self discovery.  Feel free to leave a voice message below to submit a question for us to ponder on in an upcoming episode. Thank You!:) Visit Our Etsy Giftshop Be Awaykenned — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ceecee-robinson/message
(Poem spoken in podcast episode above)
I trade fears for tears
Cause being scared ain't it!
Gods reverence
Is above all
While divine instructions coast through my holy spirit.

I trade fears for tears
Cause crying does not make me weak.
The body's cleansing is a natural import
Transcribing lessons learned beyond realms that speak.

I trade fears for tears
Cause pain comes anyway.
Naked and afraid,
Life's journey tumbles on high heat with potential to damage, the finest of fabrics.

Awareness is the kill switch, controlling damage
Potential safe- guarding gene codes of authenticity.
Strength to overcome "might's",
Lie in deep faith of "maybe's".

So trading fear for tears
Is the spiritual asset needed 
Defeating all odds stacked against me.

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God Bless 🙂

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