Wassup Y’all!

It’s ya girl!!! LOL How ya’ll doingggg?? I was thinking about everyone today and needed to reach out. Lately I been on a creative streak with TikTok..lol All jokes aside, it truly has been a refreshing fun to the creation of content. It feels good, in a out- of- body- kinda -way! DOPE! I am grateful for this energy… *One time for Creators!*

It’s approaching 3.5 months since my knee replacement! I’m excited and feel blessed for this journey. I shared before the surgery, how my big brother, Wayne, died after having his knee replaced. This was a whole fear presenting in my life. However, the light God lends me….revealed clarity to see what it is that I believe. I will forever be grateful! Real Talk! Y’all wanna talk about something that HURT?!?! I had to wonder was the pain legal? Like FRFR! LOL A knee replacement is no joke! *Shout Out to Survivors & the One’s that didn’t!*

Maaaaan, it’s a lot going on…. Please by all means, remain true to who you are. If you are unfamiliar with self? Please escalate this fundamental to importance immediately. Because 9 times out of 10, this absence is root cause for the presentation of negativity in life. Knowing thy self, grants the ability to connect mind, body & soul. There is a lot going on, but there is a way to live better, right now!!! and the more and more people awaken to this, all truly… becomes possible. *One time for Awareness!*

Allow me to invite you to join The Conscious Crew!!! This monthly agenda nourishes the soul. The “Agenda” is similar to a newsletter….but not really. LOL I would love to add a column for guest posts, so if interested in collaborating, holla at me! Contact

About 6 months ago, I wrote a FREE E-Book “How to Have Unlimited Peace Right Now”….. Download it…. Some dope jewels in there that will help. It’s so easy to live unaware…. I did until I didn’t, and that’s when you see it….. on the back end! LOL So why wait until one get to the back? Right? The Conscious Crew is exclusive to this family…. so join the Agenda’s email list already!!! *One time for start of The Conscious Crew Agenda!!*

I started this blog a few years ago. I was well on my journey, emotionally, psychologically, and physically awakening…. It’s a process that meant life or death….and literal expression of this, lives here. So, this page is special….:) Here, we awaken in textures…..

‘AHHHHHHHH’ This felt good…….I’m gonna start doing this more often. 🙂 Thank you so much for rocking… I preshate y’all! 🙂 *One time for You!*

Peace, Love & Light.

CeeCee Robinson

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