Be Awaykenned Gifts

Hey Yall Hey! I pray all is well with everyone… I’ve been hanging in there… As you can see we started a thing. LOL I started designing and producing handmade journals because writing helped me release and reconcile some crazy emotions. Writing has been one of the actions, besides submitting my life to God, that changed my life for the better. Why not help facilitate this healing in others, right?

Wait! It gets better..LOL One day a few months ago after meditation, I had a feeling of the need to express myself more outside of wiriting. The next thing you know, I fell in love with beading bracelets!!! Not just any bracelets… God created me, you, and everything else that exists i….e nature, rocks, environment …with energetic purpose, so why not use these organic properties in my jewelry?

I’m loving this journey! Please, come by our Etsy Shop & check out our expressive Art & Design! XOXO

Thank you so much for supporting our small business. I appreciate you…

For my Conscious Crew Blog Family, use coupon code: ConsciousCrew

at checkout for an additional 15% Off! Enjoy!

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