Textures awaken with infusions of positive vibes through Time and Space. My mission is to Encourage, Motivate, and Coach desiring Textures -( Community Members) toward overall Wellness in life, enhancing the awakening to Mind, Body, and Soul. This Suite is a Fearless, non-judgmental, all inclusive, virtual Chill Spot crafted with Divine Love and sheer Passion. I look to aid individuals coping with life’s various, un planned adversities.

Conscious living enables an authentic connection with both inside and outside realities, dissolving illusions and uncovering Our unique pathway in LIVING Your best, manifesting Dreams and all things Good.

 I realized through the experiences in my OWN spiritual journey, that Being Me, is enough. I am gratefully humble of this enlightenment. This fuels my ability to be FEARLESS to Express my unique voice, unapologetic-ally!

There has been a lot of physical and emotional pain,  heartache, fear etc.  lingering through years I chose not to “see.” Blinded by the distractions manifesting in many forms, my life halted and mandated Stillness and introspection in order to stay sane. Through positive thinking, deepening Faith, and practicing the Act of Forgiveness, I learned how much emotional baggage I had been carrying. This energetic drainage promoted taking my present for granted, staying oblivious to the only time that really exist, NOW!

This shift in mindset has been the BEST lifestyle adjustment of my life! Nothing comes easy, it is all are worth it to keep pushing through!! The wise knows that great strength happens in numbers, unified in a common goal.  People will become individually aware, and begin to know and understand,  THERE ARE NO LIMITS TO YOUR POTENTIAL! (atmospheric shift in progress💜)


Allow me to Welcome you to your Textures Awaken Community, with a warm heart, and a mind at peace. Sit back, relax, and take a look around this container of safety. There’s a TON (lol) of cool information in styles of Poetry, Free-Writings, Motivation, jus’ enough to get your Soul fed. 🙂 May God Bless You surpass your hearts understanding. 🙂

Have a Great Day!:)

 CeeCee Robinson, Registered Nurse, Life Coach, Memoir-ist, Podcast Creator, and Friend.