The Vibe Clinic Podcast is inspiration-on-demand. A place, in time, for YOU to be encouraged in Being the best YOU, all through, Positive Thinking. ENJOY! 🙂

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Masks Off! The Vibe Clinic

A discussion of removing social masks to journey toward, and live within personal truths in aid of breaking psychological and emotional chains of bondage. Email: thevibeclinic@gmail.com Blog: https://ceeceerobinson.com Thank you for listening…Peace!
  1. Masks Off!
  2. Covetous Feelings?
  3. Vibe Check!
  4. Express Yo’Self!
  5. A Moments Notice
Remember When…In this episode, we initiate using nostalgic moments as encouragement. Three Homie’s stop thru, to share reflections of feel good moments that will never die. Thank you again for your time, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE / COMMENT / LIKE !  

A Legacy of Hope
“Keep Hope Alive!” These words of wisdom spoken publicly by Mr. Jesse Jackson as encouragement coping through adversity. Hope is needed. The wise voices of my mother, Dee Dee, and Mr. Jesse T., remind us of the how this is done. Maintaining hope through it all affords a positive mindset and legacy that lives on forever.
Tweak the Program
Enhancing the mindset is imperative to survival. It is a lot going on, everywhere! We cannot lose sight of Hope, Faith, or Compassion towards one another. This message of program tweaking using the 80/20 rule, switch gears toward how we can help ourselves grow, to increase the benefit for everyone around us. Share! Subscribe! Like! Somebody may need to hear this encouragement to better.
Pay Attention 3/26/2020 It is time to “Pay Attention”, now more than ever! The COVID-19 virus pandemic has tragedy’s around the globe. Real Talk is needed at this time to encourage, and remind of things that we really should be doing, along with everything else. Please be safe, and God Bless! 
Unity is strength.

Be Fearless!

Releasing Judgement

Real Talk!

Poetic Jam Session..

Essential Oils Fair!

My Present Moment..(Spoken Word)


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