Watch “The Vibe Clinic Intro…” on YouTube

Check me out on You Tube!!! Here on WordPress, yall get the "EXCLUSIVE", lol. Jus sayin... This video introduces my podcast, The Vibe Clinic. We are now in the 2nd season of The Vibe Clinic, and I cannot recal clearly stating my full intentionsπŸ˜•, but I did today!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸŽΆπŸŽ‰ This whole process has been extremely sentimental  … Continue reading Watch “The Vibe Clinic Intro…” on YouTube

Prevention: Road Rage!

Be honest... Do you suffer from displaying, verbally or physically, uncontrolled anger in response to another driver/pedestrians "misjudgement" or mistake?(often) Really?? Well, with the Prevention Series, my goal is to take daily irritating behaviors/habits, and reveal the inverse, with Positive thought. Positive thinking requires a real time, mental presence, or Awareness.  Take an internal poll … Continue reading Prevention: Road Rage!

Freestyle Vibez

*written in style of Hip Hop* Reeeeeewiiiiiiinnnnd! Run it bac Mi come tru bringon heartattac!!!! O KNOW SHE DIDN'T *Sucks teeth, and muggin* I KNOW my balance, dont say nuttin!?!? No comprende Mami Mui senile To the words floating ignorantlyyyyy out yo mouth! They fall in def ears So dont waste your time. Your judgements?? … Continue reading Freestyle Vibez

A Glimpse of Me…

It feels Amazing to BE. I know that may sound crazy, but not to my WordPress family. Growing up, I would always hear things to put me down, reminders of what I won't be able to acheive, your fat, etc.. I knew deep inside that I could do anything, it made me feel strange for … Continue reading A Glimpse of Me…


Diffusing: Awaken by Young Living Essential OilsπŸ’œ Mood: Inspired Perspective: Optimistic toward humanity We all will soulfully Awaken, through textured layers, once the urge to resist cease....  Back to your regularly scheduled "Programming"....✌

Haiku Thoughts..

All we can do is our best, and that's with  anything. We are already soulfully equipped with what's  needed to be successful in life. Enjoy co-creating dreams on this Beautiful Day.πŸ’œ πŸ™

Lucid Dreams

Words fall from the shelf at night in form of Puzzles... Mis- matched alphabet Seemingly, too many U's and I's, Languges to decipher Hieroglyphics style. Ancient waves of knowledge Interceeding the mundane Awakening an essence of Being. Subliminal martial arts Fighting the unknown Winning, Awarding freedoms of Oneness Merging the U's and I's that Be.

The Act of Forgiveness

In life, we sometimes experience hurt caused outside of ourselves. If the negative encounter goes unacknowledged, layers of hurt collect and contagiously fester within our hearts, strangling our point of views, and ultimately leaving an effect of a poor outlook towards life. Then the voice of "can't" develops, diminishing dreams and prosperity to the dot of an I.

Jus Relax…

"Relax yourself, Peace at command." The chorus of the song, 'Electronic Relaxation', by A Tribe Called Quest. This song will be at the top of my playlist forever!! Classic Hip Hop! This is one of my favorite ways to relax,Β  enjoying music.Β  Nothing else in the world like it!!πŸ’œ There is so much unorganized movement … Continue reading Jus Relax…

Time is Money

In my head A daydream of solitude finely shimmers Anticipating, outward nothingness Caused by lack. Lack of nurturing the seconds flowing By faithfully. As Father Chronos organize His debits and credits So that one day, A bill may be generated Remitted for payment, Immediately upon reciept.