Ain’t that some!

What is that? You know... The intentions of... The driver for "that"? Why is that? I greet smile first, Genuinely & Friendly with sckrewed identity Reciprocals for retun. Where does that? Stand coldly STILL Beneath dark clouds with aroma's of loud, promoting to erase Bait! When is that? Zone ridin Grace, Simultaneously, Surfboardin the flow … Continue reading Ain’t that some!

Geometric Freestyle

My life has changed drastically, Yo! Parallelograms of pain Stained, From my elders DNA. Generations of mathematical errors "X" Marked the spot for many... Runnin errands Breaking down boxes, for Miss Prissy. My life has changed drastically, B! Obtuse Emotions Hyperextend, Processed with caution Willing to break ties with generational sin. Tired of being Victimized … Continue reading Geometric Freestyle

Food 4 Thought…

As I sit on my porch, with pillows all around me to support my body, praying to decrease the pain.. Sun shining, wind blowing, Elements all in place. I drink my coffee and grab a book, while diffusing Inspiration. (Young Living Essential Oil) As I read through, "The Rose That grew From Concrete."...The Late, 2Pac … Continue reading Food 4 Thought…

Serving Cocktail Realness..

Want a cocktail that's refreshingly Deliscious? Try my "Mystic Rain"!😋  This cocktail is infused with Young Living's Vitality Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils..... Yall, this is sooooo good..  And the aromatics ♨  leaking from the glass is just an added splash of pleasure!😋 Its sure to have your party's vibe... In a Great place. The … Continue reading Serving Cocktail Realness..

Oil Infused Night

Hello👋!  Guess what today is??  Tell-me-about-it Tuesday. Lol ( I came up with that all by myself..😎)  Seriously, I wanted to blog tonight....was up in the air what the topic was going to be.....💭when in doubt,  blog about what you are doing💭 Right now I am sitting up in bed diffusing Young Living's Lavender essential … Continue reading Oil Infused Night

Poetic Testimony

Essential Oils are AMAZING! Connecting, With fundamentals of creation?? That's EVERYTHING! From Roots, Trees, Herbs and rines they bare, Living componets Of earth, to share. For the enhancement of Wellness For all Mankind, Aware of the the simplicities of life Essential Divine. The Elements of nature Thinking abstractly. Chemically free No dilutions, GMO's, or Sulfate … Continue reading Poetic Testimony


Diffusing: Awaken by Young Living Essential Oils💜 Mood: Inspired Perspective: Optimistic toward humanity We all will soulfully Awaken, through textured layers, once the urge to resist cease....  Back to your regularly scheduled "Programming"....✌

Auditory Erections💜

He playin this saxophone Like he know what I need. Encouraging the mood of love In the daytime. Loud, Proud, and Gentle, My ears become ercet with anticipation Of the next riff.. Light on my feet and damn-nere Breathless, I wait. With full intent to know more about THE origin of time in which THIS … Continue reading Auditory Erections💜