Auditory Erections­čĺť

He playin this saxophone Like he know what I need. Encouraging the mood of love In the daytime. Loud, Proud, and Gentle, My ears become ercet with anticipation Of the next riff.. Light on my feet and damn-nere Breathless, I wait. With full intent to know more about THE origin of time in which THIS … Continue reading Auditory Erections­čĺť

Go Team Go!

Go Team Go! Monday is only the beginning, They have the lead But we maintain a steady pace On this finishlineless journey. Go Team Go! Tireless energy pouring into A weakness crafted bowl of Distractions, Yeilded perfectly by the opponent, to gain advantage. Go Team Go! Focused. Clarity whisper time's secrets Interpreted soulfully Catapulted strategies … Continue reading Go Team Go!

To Be =Amazing

Be Amazing in all that you speak, tender ears my be listening. Be Amazing in your actions. Know that, maintaining the drive and effort  aiming for your highest good is enough. We will make it. Be Amazingly Grateful to our Creator, for allowing us to feel His Authenticity, from the inside-out. In Awareness, it's seen … Continue reading To Be =Amazing