Auditory Erections💜

He playin this saxophone Like he know what I need. Encouraging the mood of love In the daytime. Loud, Proud, and Gentle, My ears become ercet with anticipation Of the next riff.. Light on my feet and damn-nere Breathless, I wait. With full intent to know more about THE origin of time in which THIS … Continue reading Auditory Erections💜

Beach Bliss

We often times forget how important it is, for us take time out for ourselves. Stillness( with good intent), enables spiritual connection,  powerful enough to heal our hearts and our minds.   This unique connection is aligned with

Start With A Bang!!

A HUGE shout out to the artist of this featured art piece, Paige Cooper!!🔥 Thank you for sharing the knowledge from one of your favorite quotes by Peter Daniels. 💜