Still Relevant…

Growth... One MUST endure One day. Life experiences will guide Us down a foreseen path. Decisions made, Interfering, and Altering, East from West. Merging north into south, Mysteriously, the middle becomes a perimeter around the heart. Pages turn, Constantly, as to no end. Growing uniquely into You. Journaled 10/27/2012...& still relevant!🙏🖤

Poetic Testimony

Essential Oils are AMAZING! Connecting, With fundamentals of creation?? That's EVERYTHING! From Roots, Trees, Herbs and rines they bare, Living componets Of earth, to share. For the enhancement of Wellness For all Mankind, Aware of the the simplicities of life Essential Divine. The Elements of nature Thinking abstractly. Chemically free No dilutions, GMO's, or Sulfate … Continue reading Poetic Testimony

Go Team Go!

Go Team Go! Monday is only the beginning, They have the lead But we maintain a steady pace On this finishlineless journey. Go Team Go! Tireless energy pouring into A weakness crafted bowl of Distractions, Yeilded perfectly by the opponent, to gain advantage. Go Team Go! Focused. Clarity whisper time's secrets Interpreted soulfully Catapulted strategies … Continue reading Go Team Go!


A fragmented journey on an unfamiliar path, assumes that similar blood allows for relationships unfathomed. Prosperous and pure. Intertwined, lethal combos tango, with intelligence that surpass humanity. The black sheep is real! I'll be that... We climb new mountain tops, looking for synonyms that rebells Fear. Conquering life on a spiritual level, mastering all the … Continue reading Poetry…

Beach Bliss

We often times forget how important it is, for us take time out for ourselves. Stillness( with good intent), enables spiritual connection,  powerful enough to heal our hearts and our minds.   This unique connection is aligned with

Vibe Clinic Wednesdays💜

I welcome you to listen..vibe out with us😁.  This episode is,  Carpe Diem. I invited a friend Marques in and he shares some  DOPE poetry...and we share encouraging tips/techniques to aide in just that, Seize the Day!