Love today and beyond…

There are many hearts in pieces today. The majority has called attention to this day, to express "Love". I am not anti-Valentines Day. Lol. I feel a strong, personal, need to support Love not only today, but most importantly Beyond. Love is a precious jewel that is apart of who we are. (As an individual...which … Continue reading Love today and beyond…

Oil Infused Night

Hello👋!  Guess what today is??  Tell-me-about-it Tuesday. Lol ( I came up with that all by myself..😎)  Seriously, I wanted to blog tonight....was up in the air what the topic was going to be.....💭when in doubt,  blog about what you are doing💭 Right now I am sitting up in bed diffusing Young Living's Lavender essential … Continue reading Oil Infused Night


I'm Basically, Basic. Shiney toys dont impress, Fancy restaurants leave me hungry, Shopping sprees are side effects of Manipulative programming. Im Basically, Basic. Club vibes taint the music, No comprende to the language of signs, Falling to deaf ears. I'm Basically,  Basic. Yet fun leaks from my pores, Naturally. Intoxicating the atmosphere, Positively. Overriding, Egotistics.

Auditory Erections💜

He playin this saxophone Like he know what I need. Encouraging the mood of love In the daytime. Loud, Proud, and Gentle, My ears become ercet with anticipation Of the next riff.. Light on my feet and damn-nere Breathless, I wait. With full intent to know more about THE origin of time in which THIS … Continue reading Auditory Erections💜

Beach Bliss

We often times forget how important it is, for us take time out for ourselves. Stillness( with good intent), enables spiritual connection,  powerful enough to heal our hearts and our minds.   This unique connection is aligned with

Vibe Clinic Wednesdays💜

I welcome you to listen..vibe out with us😁.  This episode is,  Carpe Diem. I invited a friend Marques in and he shares some  DOPE poetry...and we share encouraging tips/techniques to aide in just that, Seize the Day!

Start With A Bang!!

A HUGE shout out to the artist of this featured art piece, Paige Cooper!!🔥 Thank you for sharing the knowledge from one of your favorite quotes by Peter Daniels. 💜