Releasing Judgement

Thank you so much for listening to my ideas on how we can recognize when we may be judging others, and some ways to troubleshoot, reboot to positive thought. Happiness and Peace is obtainable for us all, on this Soul-filled Sunday! Enjoy this Beautiful Day that is unfolding around you. God Bless..

A Gift that keeps on giving…

DID YOU KNOW.. Per Food and Drug Administration, there only has to be 5% essential oil in the bottle to be labeled pure???? 😨 You can find these at MOST of your local stores......(receipts=check ingredient labels)  FYI...dont look for those oils to aid your family in living above the wellness line...

To Be =Amazing

Be Amazing in all that you speak, tender ears my be listening. Be Amazing in your actions. Know that, maintaining the drive and effort  aiming for your highest good is enough. We will make it. Be Amazingly Grateful to our Creator, for allowing us to feel His Authenticity, from the inside-out. In Awareness, it's seen … Continue reading To Be =Amazing

Start With A Bang!!

A HUGE shout out to the artist of this featured art piece, Paige Cooper!!🔥 Thank you for sharing the knowledge from one of your favorite quotes by Peter Daniels. 💜