Red-clay Smother the grooves On the souls of my shoes. Housed feet run For lives bound By inverting time. Ducki'n and Weav'in Exceed'in the Treason, Chas'in me. Foreign objects reveal Identities chopped & screwed, Through lame remixes of humanity. Dom struggl'in to be free Crisp eyes, dark skin, and beautiful white teeth Channeling black beauty, … Continue reading Time

Febrile Illness

This uncontrollable shiver verifies your love, to withstand against the line in the sand, drawn by adversaries Homie. (Out of pocket) insanity bursts from mechanisms of thought glittering reality. (Rainbow) I am you, and you are me, but deep within, I KNOW that it cannot be, so, determined to use me. Does the line in … Continue reading Febrile Illness

The Truth.

2/24/18 Vibe Check ✔..... As I lay in my hospital bed hurting, aching, with so many questions...answers unfound. I'm slowly fading invisibly to the naked eye. Yet when my physical body is transparent, my spiritual sight is heightened. Through the darkness I see a light shining down from the sky...The sky is where I was … Continue reading The Truth.