SaturDay Vybin

a Groovy groove-groove, allows Jammin to a jammy-jam, (In my head) CHILLIN on a chill-chill, illuminating Love-Love, from the heart’s of heart, like, expressed-expressed, (PO) in textures of authenticity, from Me to You, 4real-4real. *This is the 3rd year anniversary from my car accident were tragedy lead to this prospective Today. The Compassion which fill … Continue reading SaturDay Vybin


Oil Infused Night

Hello👋!  Guess what today is??  Tell-me-about-it Tuesday. Lol ( I came up with that all by myself..😎)  Seriously, I wanted to blog tonight….was up in the air what the topic was going to be…..💭when in doubt,  blog about what you are doing💭 Right now I am sitting up in bed diffusing Young Living’s Lavender essential … Continue reading Oil Infused Night

Jus Relax…

“Relax yourself, Peace at command.” The chorus of the song, ‘Electronic Relaxation’, by A Tribe Called Quest. This song will be at the top of my playlist forever!! Classic Hip Hop! This is one of my favorite ways to relax,  enjoying music.  Nothing else in the world like it!!💜 There is so much unorganized movement … Continue reading Jus Relax…