Through it All..

Hurt Brain Hurt Thouhts. Achey frame Jump start Before the clock starts. Pow! Racing to finigh (Get Back Jack!) Im feelin (So much) Im contagous Straight chicken- pox of the mind. This itch manifests A Will to scratch The Dream deffered 9 times! Tingling sensations Settle deep within the heart's muscle, Four chambers of Love … Continue reading Through it All..

The Truth.

2/24/18 Vibe Check ✔..... As I lay in my hospital bed hurting, aching, with so many questions...answers unfound. I'm slowly fading invisibly to the naked eye. Yet when my physical body is transparent, my spiritual sight is heightened. Through the darkness I see a light shining down from the sky...The sky is where I was … Continue reading The Truth.

Letter to You….

( I wrote this letter to my Facebook commumity in 2015! I humbly share this same emotion with my new WordPress Family💜!  #stillrelevant🙏 )  Dear Family and Friends, I here-by draw to your attention the need of Love within yourself, and reflecting this emotion onto your neighbor. Society has Power in this hour. Egos are … Continue reading Letter to You….

Soul Filled Tuesday..

Good morning!!🌞 I pray your morning visions are Positive, Beautiful, and Bright. If you are reading these words, God has already awarded more time in your favor. Live it up!! Happiness is a choice, anything that diverts you from this very thing is a distraction. It is never too late to Achieve, and Live your … Continue reading Soul Filled Tuesday..

passion speaks in form of..

It could have allllllll been diffrent... I could have been sacrificed To the street of Streets All tangled up in confusion With nowhere to run, hide, or sleep. "All streets lead to jail or death," Filtered through my head. Fighting embedded scripture, Floating deep beyond life's threads. Total eclipse of Faith's sun, Tomorrow, lead by … Continue reading passion speaks in form of..